Lasse was educated as a jazz drummer at the Danish National Academy of Music. Sparked by his interest in cymbals, he became a cymbal smith and founded Funch Cymbals in 2017. To this day, Lasse is the only employee. That means, that every step in the process from the raw blank to a package at your door, is handled by him alone.

Lasse has studied the Turkish cymbal making tradition in Istanbul. That is the foundation of his cymbal production today. His approach to cymbal making is a fusion of his background as a jazz drummer and the Turkish techniques. His goal is to create cymbals that are highly useable in acoustic jazz settings. As a musician and a craftsman, he is inspired by the jazz history from the early '60s. The jazz history is an important inspiration for his cymbal making. 

“As a drummer I am familiar with the quest for a sound that’s just right for me. Years of playing has tuned my ear to know exactly what to listen out for. I pour this knowledge and intuition into each and every cymbal I make. The result is a highly musical instrument of supreme quality.”

- Lasse Funch Sørensen